Based on 2017-2019 statistics

Table of Contents

About this Report

CSU Drug, Marijuana, Alcohol and Tobacco Policies

  • Violating University, State or Federal Drug and Alcohol Policy or Law
  • Colorado Immunity from Arrest and Prosecution Law
  • CSU Responsible Action Exemption Policy for Students
  • Marijuana Use and Possession on Campus
  • CSU Employee Drug, Alcohol Treatment and Educational Programs
  • Student Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Educational Programs

Legal Sanctions for Drug Abuse and Commonly Abused Drug Information

Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Behavioral Expectations of Students Living on Campus
  • Disciplinary Records

CSU Police and How to Report a Crime

  • CSU Police Qualifications and Authority
  • How to Report an Emergency or Crime
  • Tips for Reporting an Emergency when Calling 911
  • Report a Crime Anonymously
  • Confidentiality of Crime Reports

Crime Prevention and Security Awareness Programs

Campus Security Programs

  • Building Access
  • Residence Hall Security
  • Campus Planning and Safety
  • Emergency Blue Light Phones
  • Crimes on Non-Campus Property

Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

  • Thor Guard Lightning Detection and Warning System

Emergency Notifications and Timely Warnings

  • Emergency Notifications
  • Timely Warnings
  • Procedures Used to Issue an Emergency Notification or Timely Warning
  • Determining the Contents of the Emergency Notification or Timely Warning
  • Sharing Information with the Community outside of Campus

Missing Student Policy and Official Notification Procedures

Interpersonal Violence Education and Response: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking

  • Definitions You Should Know
  • Reporting Interpersonal Violence
  • Victim Confidentiality
  • Information about Registered Sex Offenders
  • Additional Resources

Discipline against University Community Members Found to be Responsible for Committing Interpersonal Violence

  • Proceedings Involving Students
  • Proceedings Involving Employees

Notification of Victims’ Rights and Options

  • Procedures Victims Should Follow
  • About Support Offered by the CSU Women and Gender Advocacy Center
  • Personal Safety Tips

Accommodations and Protective Measures against Interpersonal Violence

  • Educational Programs to Prevent Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking

Crime Statistics for Colorado State University

Fire Safety on Campus and Evacuation Procedures

Fire Statistics for Colorado State University

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